Ladies and Gentlemen May I have Your Attention PLEASE

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    Kaitlyn Washington

    Chewing gum in a child’s hair is NOT a reason to send kids to the NURSE. This is making me nuts. Why are teachers sending kids with gum in their hair down to me?  This is not a medical issue!

    Nor is the kid that peed her pants….ugh. The teachers at this new school I am working at are unbelievable. What is wrong with people?

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    Oh, I know. This is really irritating. It happens to me too. I think that the teachers just don’t want to fool with it so they send them to us.

    I reported it to the principal and it slowed it down quite a bit.  It always seems to be right when I am about to walk out the door to go home. Ah, the joys of being a school nurse…smh

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