How do you get hired in Labor and delivery?

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    Hello nurses,

    I am feeling really fed up at the moment. I have always wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse and have never really had any interest in doing anything else in any other specialty.

    I work in med-surg and have worked neuro, but I am very unhappy. But every time I try to go to L & D I am consistently met with “Well, we want experienced L & D nurses.”

    The age old question is: How do you get experience when you can’t get hired in that department. It’s extremely disheartening and I feel like quitting nursing altogether. It’s depressing. I wonder if I will ever be able to get my dream job.

    Any insight is appreciated!


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    Denise Harris, RN

    It’s not that surprising that you’re having such a hard time. It has taken me 9 years to get into the Labor and Delivery Department at my hospital. You have to think outside the facility where you work now and look for hospitals that are willing to train you.

    Don’t lose hope and keep trying. You’ll get there. I don’t want you to think you’re the only one that has has this problem. It’s pretty typical


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    Mommy Dearest

    I’m only as loyal to my employer as they are to me. In many facilities, they don’t have the time to train, or the resources. I’ve seen them wait for experienced nurses before they will hire an inexperienced on, or they’ll pay a head hunter to find one.

    Don’t be so loyal. Get out there and look elsewhere. If you want it badly enough you’ll get it eventually. Good luck

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    Princess Nurse
    Princess Nurse

    Look on career builder every day. That site is very dynamic and changes constantly. I’m sure yuo can find something on there eventually!

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