I loathe Med-Surg

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    Cassey Mc Farlan

    I started working in med-surg two years ago. Back them med0 surg was something that I could handle. Not anymore. I have really tried to give it my all but it seems like there’s no pleasing management here. I don’t get a break to eat or chill even for ten minutes. I have to ignore my own bodily functions because I am running around like a mad hatter.

    Between admits, discharges, passing meds, nasty doctors, calling labs and the pharmacy, charting, charting and more charting. I’m so over this.

    I can’t feel good, or like I have a sense of accomplishment because the minute I begin to catch up I’m thrown another admit. It never ends. I never get to leave on time. Do this, do that,

    I have to stay late to chart because there’s no way I can get it all done during the day. There are way too many interruptions. This is driving me crazy and I’m getting depressed.
    I’m trying to get another job as an RN, but can’t find anything right now. I’m not saying that I don’t like nursing, because I do like it, but I feel like these patients are like cattle and all the hospital cares about is their bottom line.

    They’re squeezing the life out of me. I can’t be the only one that feels this way. So fed up!

    I loathe med-surg nursing


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    Picc Perfect
    Picc Perfect

    This sounds terrible. I wouldn’t work in a place like that. It sounds like it’s affecting your health in a very negative way. No job is worth that. I would try harder to get another job. You don’t need this kind of head ache. I’m sure their turnover rate is crazy!

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    You’re still a new nurse. Welcome to the world of med-surg. Because you’re new it’s like being new at anything else. Do you remember when you learned how to drive a car and it seems crazy that you could actually hold the wheel. keep the car on the right side of the road. Adjust wipers and lights, watch what other drivers are doing, paying attention to the road signs and rules…It was completely overwhelming.

    But you learned it and you became great at it and now it’s second nature. Nursing is no different. You will get better and quicker at everything. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    ‘It’ll all come together eventually.and you’ll keep getting better and better. Even if you do find another position in a different specialty, these skills will stay with you throughout your career. So be patient. Things will get better.


    Try to relax when you can. If you are seriously not getting your lunch breaks then you need to report that to the labor board. You can do it anonymously. They take those things very seriously

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