Nurse Wubbels received a settlement for $500,000. C’mon, this is a bit much

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    The Utah nurse who was arrested a couple of months ago because she wouldn’t allow a police officer to draw blood from a patient in her care.

    On  Tuesday the court reached a $500,000 settlement with Salt Lake City and the university that runs the hospital where Wubbels works.


    I’m sorry, but this is a bit much. I understand that she was mistreated and arrested, but the frivolous law suits in this country are becoming ridiculous. The worst thing about this case is that that money is taxpayer’s money. I’m pretty livid about that. It’s just wrong.

    If anything, the fool that called himself a detective needed to be fired and an apology would have been sufficient. Our profession should not be suing others.  If being sued is a major fear as a nurse, then why would you decide to sue someone else. I don’t like this. What about you? How do you feel about this?

    Nurse Wubbels receives settlement

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    From what I understand she is going to donate some money to help regular people obtain body cameras and she is also donating to the Utah Nurses Association for the #EndNurseAbuse campaign.

    I agree, though. I think it’s wrong to take taxpayers money for this. Why is this allowed. The cop that was involved should be the one who should have to pay the settlement and it a bit too much too.

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    Not Yo Mama
    Not Yo Mama

    I bet if it was you receiving that settlement you wouldn’ :yahoo: t be complaining. LMAO

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    Patricia Conde

    Well maybe the cops will learn to respect hipaa and other people jobs as well. He wanted to be the bully boss, so now he must pay the cost. Good for her. She did not have to go through all that.

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    Carmel O’Kane

    This is, in no way too much….she deserve every cent for putting up with that shit!!!

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    Sharon Smith

    I don’t think it’s a bit much. The only way to get something to change is to hit them in the pocket. Good for her! We have no clue how much this has and will effect her life because we only saw it and didn’t go through it like she did.

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    Courtney Hennessey

    By the time she pays her attorney fees and taxes, she won’t have that much! And no, it is not a bit much to pay for someone’s mental health!

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    Courtney Hennessey

    By the time she pays her attorney fees and taxes, she won’t have that much! And no, it is not a bit much to pay for someone’s mental health!

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    Ozkr Pra

    What’s interesting is that the hospital had to pay half the settlement. $250K

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    Kimberly Davis

    A bit much? How much is YOUR dignity worth? I place a much higher value on mine. She should have gotten 10x that amount.

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    Ted Norman

    Please publish her plans for the money. One of her goals is to help people get video of their interactions with police.

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    Olivia Peterson

    She deserves much more that that. People who spill hot coffee on themselves get several millions.

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    Li Hicks

    I read she’s also donating a portion to a group that pays for police body cams.

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    Melissa Howell

    The settlement had to make a statement and be sufficiently punitive so hopefully this does not happen to another nurse. Money talks.

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    Kimberly Felder

    you should really research the facts and history of that case before you use it as a comparison. It was 1 days worth of coffee profits from a corporation with a loooong history of refusing to comply with FDA guidelines and caused some pretty horrific injuries because of it. Big business believes they are above the rules–and often are–but once in a while the little guy is able to turn the tides.

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    Olivia Peterson

    Kimberly Felder excuse me but if you’re buying hot coffee, you know you’re buy hot coffee. If you spill it on yourself it’s going to burn you. We see a lot of people who burn themselves at home with hot coffee and they don’t sue themselves. Also there has been more than one law suit over hot coffee. But you’re missing the point. She deserved more compensation.

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    Katherine Sanchez

    She should have gotten more than that,this pissed me off because this nurse was treated like an animal on her job where she was doing the right thing,every dime should have come out of the inflated ego cops pocket.Go Nurse Wubbels.

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    Tina Bruce

    Doesn’t matter if she plans to go to Tahiti and spend it on clothes she deserves every penny and far more

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    Christine Smith

    I think she was going to donate some of it to a nursing organization too- or maybe this is the same thing. Idk. Anyways- yes she is not planning to pocket the money. She’s giving back.

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    Tina Bruce

    She deserved 2MILLION AT LEAST. This page is kinda a joke huh?

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    Yowanna Harvey

    She deserved more. The things nurses have to put up with everyday.

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    Sorry if a lot of you don’t like what I have to say. I understand that you have a right to your own opinion, but I have a right to mine as well and I think that there are way too many payouts like this and it’s breaking our country.

    If this was a private company then maybe I could see this. But this is a government entity and essentially your tax payer money. I don’t want my tax money going to things like this when our country is broke.

    I think this suing business is way out of control. Should she have gotten a small settlement? sure, but not a half a million dollars. Yes, it’s just a bit much!

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    Jessica Walter

    Why do we feel the need to always tear down our own. We should be happy for her.

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