Kids and work?

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    Magic Hands
    Magic Hands


    I’m a nurse and I work at a hospital in a busy OR. I am also a mother and that comes first. I have three kids and they are my world. Two that are under five. When they get sick I can hardly make myself go to work. I don’t want to leave my babies with a sitter when they are sick and need their mother.

    I am so torn though because I still have to work and I am a single parent. I am wondering how many facilities allow nurses to take off more to be with their kids. We are only allowed to have three sick occurrences a year. When you call in for one day and up to three it’s still one occurrence. But if you call in past three days then you have to provide them with a doctor’s excuse.

    I am just wondering if this is typical, or is the facility where I work being unfair.

    I think they should allow nurses to have more time off. I am also wondering about hospitals that offer child care. Does anyone have this at their hospital?

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    Louisville Sllugger
    Louisville Sllugger


    It’s really hard when you are a single parent, especially with three kids. I feel for you. I had two. They are grown now, but I remember how difficult it was for me to leave my kids too.

    But you do have to work to put food on the table and provide for them, so you have to work and they have to understand that.

    Some hospitals do offer childcare, but I am not sure if they charge for it or not. I would think they would. I know childcare can be prohibitively expensive too.

    The facility where I work is three times and then you get a write-up and then fired if you call in one more time within a twelve month period.

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    Tina Gee
    Tina Gee


    It’s tough having kids and being a nurse. I’m blessed that my parents watch mine and when they can’t my sister usually can.

    I don’t know what I’d do without my family though.

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    I know that there are many facilities that do provide childcare for kids who have parents that work for them. They are often pretty inexpensive and I have heard of a few actually being free.

    You have to work and while I see your point that you feel bad leaving your kids, but it’s just something that’s a part of like. They will be okay and they’re more resilient than you think they are.

    Employers are in the business of staffing the facility with nurses and they can’t have everyone calling in when the think their kids need them. So just be aware that they are not necessarily being jerks, they are just forced to make staffing the facility to care for patients their number one priority. Maybe you just need to win the lottery LOL :yahoo:

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