Charles Manson Was Rushed to the Hospital- Would You be Willing to Care For Him?

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    Mommy Dearest

    Charles Manson Was Rushed to the Hospital- Would You be Willing to Care For Him?

    A couple of days ago I heard on the news that Charles Manson was rushed to the hospital. I know I’m a nurse and I am supposed to be non-judgemental, but my first thought was “I hope he dies.”

    If I was expected to care for this monster I think I would have to quit my job. Now, I have been a nurse for many years and I have cared for many inmates from our local prison when guards have brought them in for various ailments, (some real) some just faked to get out of the prison life for a day.

    But I was a young woman who was pregnant at the same time Sharon Tate was and I remember when this lunatic and his cult followers slaughtered her and her unborn child. There is no way I would be willing to take care of a pig like him.

    Having said that, I can’t help feeling guilty that I would refuse to care for him and I am actually shocked at myself, because I have never had such a strong opinion on caring for anyone. I am just wondering how others feel about this.

    Would you be willing to care for such a monster?  I realize that many of the younger nurse generation may not even know who this man is and therefore wouldn’t mind taking care of him as a patient, but what about the older generations that remember the horrible acts this madman committed?

    Charles Manson was rushed to the hospital


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    I probably could, but wouldn’t want to. It would not be a good idea for me to help and care for him, because I would constantly be mad at myself for doing it. I would rather be on the end of administering him a lethal injection. Now that I could do with a smile on my face LOL.

    I wouldn’t feel guilty for the way you feel. I think it’s normal to have such feelings about nut jobs like him. Why isn’t he already dead? Gawd!

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    Smarty Pants
    Smarty Pants

    No, I would not be willing to take care of him. I’m only 23, but I know who he is and what he has done. He is no better than scum. I treat and nurse humans. He is not what I would call a human. Nor is he an animal. Animals kill for food. He is something much lower and I would never be willing to be his nurse. Don’t feel guilty. I am sure many nurses feel this way!


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    Not in a million years. In fact I would probably lose my license for overdosing him. I hate that man

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    To be a nurse you must be able to care for others without bringing your emotions into it.  You have no right to be in nursing if you would be willing to turn your back on anyone who needs your care. Perhaps you shouldn’t be a nurse if you can’t care for others without cherry picking.

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    Workin Nurse
    Workin Nurse

    Not in a million years. Not even if I was the last nurse on earth. He doesn’t deserve to breathe

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    John Lynott

    Hell I wanted to take care of him a long time ago

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    I would take the best care of him I could. I care for prisoners daily and treat each and everyone one of them the same as every other person. You are never alone with a prisoner, a guard is always present and they are kept in line. He is and has served his time as the justice system of America deemed appropriate. It is our job as nurses to do no harm and provide quality care for all.

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    Just a nurse

    I am a nurse although he did horrendous things and I don’t like that my tax dollars have supported him and are most likely paying for his medical care I would care for him, I took an oath to care for the sick. With that said I know other disagree but do you honestly know who you are caring for? We care for the ill day in and day out but we don’t know everyone’s story or the choices they made. I care for an ex con when I worked dialysis and he was one of the kindest men i knew. He wasn’t just in the local pokey he was in federal corrections. So no matter my personal feelings I will care for each individual as I would want my family cared for.

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    Shirley Watkins

    As a nurse we are called to care not to judge

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    Barb BSN
    Barb BSN

    Nope and I wouldn’t have a problem telling him that I loathe him. The man (if you can call him that) is a psychopath and I would refuse to care for him. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was not mentally insane when he killed all those people.

    I couldn’t live with myself if I did help him. I would lose sleep thinking about how I helped a vicious murderer live.

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    Osmosis Jones
    Osmosis Jones

    No. I couldn’t bring myself to be any murderer’s nurse. I understand that we are nurses and should care for everyone. But we have the right not to care for patients who infringe on our beliefs morally so I would have to pass this puke along to one of my coworkers.

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    All Heart
    All Heart

    Him and others like him terrify me and he should have gotten the death penalty and been dead many years ago. The fact that people like this are allowed to breathe air scares the hell out of me. I’d let him die before I would help him.

    It’s true that many of us have cared for murderers and rapists without knowing about it. But I know about him and would never dream of  agreeing to be his nurse.

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    Cindy Favorite

    No real choice in my profession. I’m sure I took care of the best and worst kind of people in my forty year career, but judgement was not my mission.

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    Laura Freymoyer

    There was a great episode of Grey’s Anatomy with this same scenario

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    Kathryn Blackman

    Of course any dedicated nurse would take care of him He may have done great evil but everyone deserves care

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    Amy Yam

    I have cared for prisoners before. None as bad as him, but criminals at any rate. I would do it because it is my job. I don’t have to like him.

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    N Kulsum Rehmani

    sure why not. i’ve had lots of patients who did terrible things (nothing compared to manson though). not my job or place to judge someones past actions. i wouldnt volunteer, but if it was my assignment i’d do my best to provide quality care to him.

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    Phyllis Milligan

    Well too

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    Li Hicks

    The longer he is kept healthy = the longer he is punished, so yeah I’d do it. Death would be a release.

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    Mary McSherry

    As a Nurse, yes I would….It’s what I was born to do

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    Patti Carlson

    Nurses should not judge……we have a commitment to return patients to their highest level of health. We use therapeutic communication to care for patients and collaboration with other departments caring for the same patient.
    Though it may be difficult to put the past behind with some patients it is necessary for nurses to rise above anything that has happened and care for the patient. We are not super humans without feelings or knowledge and so we are not so out of touch that we go into situations blindly. But we consistently do our best to improve every patients recovery to the fullest.

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    Holly Acanfora

    I’m a mental health tech. He never committed any of the murders. He is a typical borderline sociopath so caring for him would be just another day for me. :-/

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    Heatherly Gerardi

    I have cared for him when I worked in Corcoran, I know people who have and still do, it’s part of the job, you don’t have to agree with whatever crime was committed, when they’re under your care, you care for them with the same dignity and respect as every other patient, yes he’s an inmate and a convicted murder, but he’s paying his debt to society by being in prison mostly likely until the day he dies.

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    Deborah Simont

    Well there is always “basic nursing care”

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    Heather Piccione

    In my line of work I have to take care of him as my patient, do I want too no but I have too. I’ll put everything aside of what he’s done and treat him..

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    Helen Moore

    time to put the jug on

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    Fiona Wilcock

    We have prisoners from a nearby top security hospital . You have to deal with them and treat them as any other patient as its your duty of care. Sometimes you find out what crimes they’ve done but you can’t say owt. The only thing different I do is remove my name badge.

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    Rocio Santillan

    A patient is a patient, you aren’t paid to judge. You are paid to care. Gotta separate the 2. And if you truly feel you cant… don’t take the assignment t

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    Julie Watt

    I would care for whomever needed care – I could not deny anyone care in their time of need
    Love Heals <3 <3 <3

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    Eileen Carroll

    Professionally speaking – I was a Corrections Nurse for the better part of 30 years. He is a patient. As a patient, he deserves the best I can give. It’s what I went into nursing for. Good bad or indifferent, he is a patient. I was taught to be non-judgemental. He is doing his time and though evil to the bone, he is still serving his sentence and deserves the same respect as any other patient. I also worked in the arena of Forensic Psychiatry. Though some of those people did some heinous and I mean HEINOUS things, worse than this man; they, too, deserve the best I could give.

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    Donna D. Musgrave Whitney

    It is hard to read some of the comments posted on here…I am 75 years old and was a nurse for 30 years…I would have to say I would feel that I would have to take care of him…I wouldn’t especially like it, but would have to do it

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    Amy Williams Fisher

    I agree Donna we don’t pick and choose we we take care of .

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    D Mello

    A nurse takes care of the sick.

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    Cali Tenkey

    They took him two Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield which is run by The Catholic Church. I think it is run by Sisters of Mercy. My Grandmother had hip surgery there.

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    Cali Tenkey

    I would think it is easier if you concentrate on the medical issues they present and do your job, be aware of your surroundings a bit more and maybe hide your name badge.

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    Eileen Carroll

    Your patient has a legal right (it’s in every patients’ bill of rights).

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    Cali Tenkey

    Eileen Carroll I can’t help but think that there are times when it is difficult. Nurses get many of the most difficult tasks in healthcare.

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    Eileen Carroll

    Personally, I made it a point to NOT know why they were in prison. However, I treated some “high profile” patients as I just focused on their medical issues.

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    Eileen Carroll

    And prayed…. a lot.

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    Cali Tenkey

    Eileen Carroll I think if faced with same situation, I would hyper-concentrate on the medical condition & what needed to be done for their medical issues. Then go in do my job and move on to next patient.

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    Cali Tenkey

    Eileen Carroll I have no doubt that prayer would be huge help.

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