Call the doctor stat!!

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    Help me
    Help me
    Call the doctor stat
    I’m always flooded with work. I work on a busy med-surg floor and I NEVER go home early.
    It seems like the to-do list grows every day. I can’t help believe that maybe all this is our fault. Maybe we are to blame for all the additional work we are responsible for these days.
    When was the last time you heard a nurse refuse an assignment or a particular chore? never, right?
    Physicians are constantly requiring more and more from nurses and most of the time we smile and say “sure.”  They frequently get paid for procedures we do when they should be doing them.
    Unfortunately, unless nurses start standing up and saying “NO” this abuse will continue. Doctors will continue to expect us to do more and with little or no thanks.
    I was taught in nursing school that I am the patient’s advocate, NOT the doctor’s
    Get a reputation for calling these doctors who refuse to write legible orders and expect us not to wonder what the hell they’re talking about. They need to be called and they need to get used to it until they don’t want to be called anymore so they decide to stop writing like kindergarteners so they won’t be interrupted playing golf.
    There seems to be an unwritten rule with nurses that calling doctors like it’s something that should never be done and you’re a bad nurse if you have to keep calling doctors. This is absolute crap. Learn to be annoying. Call them out. It’s the only way we are going to stop this. It’s the squeaky wheel deal.

    I don’t mind staying later for the patient. I do mind staying later for a physician who is too rude to write an order correctly.  Don’t be afraid to be the nurse that calls the doctor all the time. Doctors are like two-year-olds that need to be lead by the nose-ring so they will learn to do things right.

    Your job won’t be in jeopardy if you fight back. Nurses are in need everywhere these days. Until we learn to call out incompetent doctors we will continue to get more responsibilities with no thanks. Speak up. We have to!

    call the doctor stat



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    Catherine pritchard
    Catherine pritchard

    Great topic and I totally agree that nurses need to band together and put a stop to this. It wastes precious time that could be better spent taking care of patients. If nurses wrote that way it would be completely unacceptable. So why is it okay for doctors?

    I think the older they are the worse their writing is too. I can’t believe what I am seeing sometimes. If we made a mistake based on the way the wrote something guess who would go down for that? Not the doc. They don’t seem to be held accountable for their actions…ever

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    Bearnadette Pistone
    Bearnadette Pistone

    So true,

    I’m tired of being taken advantage of. Doctors walk all over you if you allow it and too many of us do. They also have a wonderful knack of being the most unappreciative people on the planet. I’m so over it

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