Best Nursing Shoes? Anyone?

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    Hey guys,

    I’m at my witts end with my shoe situation. I have plantar Fasciitis and I work in med-surg aaaall night long. Okay, you get the picture! My feet are so sore at the end of the night that I have to take my shoes off immediately when I get in my car. I have to soak them when I get home because they are absolutely killing me.

    I was wearing Crocs and I switched to Danskos thinking they’d be better, but they are worse. I like Crocs for walking around the house and the Danskos are okay, but what other options do I have. There has to be apair of shoes that works well for nurses who are on their feet all night….Help!

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I love my Timberland Renovas!

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    Donna L

    I like my Danskos. The only problem I have with them is that sometimes they can roll on you if you’re not careful. They roll you onto to the side of your foot and that’s not really ideal, but a lot of people swear by Danskos. I know that they do take some getting used to because they sit high off the ground and the heel flops around, but that’s normal. Just takes a minute to get used to it.

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    Hi there,

    Wow, I know what you’re going through, it’s rough when you’re on your feet all night. I invested in some good shoes and a great foot soak for when I get home. It’s helped a lot. The foot soak is Tea Tree and Eucalyptus and it works really well for taking the pain out of your feet.

    As far as shoes, you may want to consider the Timberland Renova. It’s the gold standard for nursing shoes. A lot of nurses have discovered these little gems and I wear them on 12 hour shifts, with plantar fasciitis and they are much softer on my feet and much more comfortable. I swear by them after wearing so many other crappy shoes that have just made my feet worse. Hope this helps. Keep us posted.

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    Tara Jean

    I think for plantar fasciitis you need a lot of support in the arch of the foot and the heel, which is why I always wear support stockings. I do have several pairs of Timberlands too and I agree they are your best option. They are quality shoes and they are very comfortable. I recommend them, but I would definitely invest in some really good support hose as well. I like the Sigvaris socks. They have great colors in them as well

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    Lisa Humbert

    Champion with memory foam!

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    The best shoes, if you are allowed them are Skechers.  They are light weight memory foam soles.  They were comfortable from day 1.  And I have bunyins and flat feet that hurt in 99.9% of shoes, these ones didn’t even give me a blister.

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    These are the ones that I wear!

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    I agree with the person who said Timberland Renovas were best. They’re lightweight, comfortable and make your feet feel great!


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    Timberland Renovas are the best and most comfortable.

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    I like Danskos, but I have to admit they are the only ones I’ve ever worn for work. When I was in nursing school I did have a pair of Nurse Mates Rockers that were great, but I don’t think they carry that style anymore and it’s a shame because they were very comfortable.


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