Why do patients keep asking me this?

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    I am an RN and I work in Dialysis. I’m wondering if anyone else gets this question from their patients, because I seem to be getting it a lot. Patients ask me all the time why I am working in dialysis, alsmost like it’s a crap job.

    I love what I do and I really don’t get why they seem to think this is a crappy job? Does anyone else get this question?


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    I think they ask you that because dialysis is a rough specialty and many of them just assume you’re a tech. I know they have asked me the same questions when they find out that I am a nurse. Dialysis patients have every aspect of their life controlled and are not always very compliant. So, it can be difficult when you are the RN that is trying to care for them

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    I know this post is old, but maybe you’re still here!

    I’m fairly new to dialysis, I’m about 6 months in.

    I get this question all of the time. Never once did I think that I was being asked because they think dialysis is a crap job.

    What I have learned so far is this…

    Dialysis keeps our patients alive. Sometimes we see them more than we see our family and the same goes for them. I think they ask because they want to know that we care. They can’t just trust anyone with their lives.  It’s all about building trust and relationships with dialysis patients.

    My mother was a dialysis patient. She HATED to go, but she loved the staff and that made it easier for her.

    So my response is usually:

    I’m here because I care about you and someone has to make sitting here for hours a little less miserable. Think of me as built-in entertainment.

    I like to have fun and joke with my patients. In my short 6 months I’ve built strong relationships and I love that about dialysis nursing. We know our patients like we know our loved ones. I think they appreciate that.

    I worked in an emergency department before this and I loved it, but I was missing a little something.  And that little something was building relationships with my patients.

    We are the people who meet them at the clinic to keep them going. They just want to know we’re there for them!


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