Prince Died of a Narcotic Overdose?

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    Rachel M
    Rachel M

    So the toxicology report came back on Prince yesterday and he died of a Fentanyl overdose. Three days prior to his death his plane had to land early because he was unconscious from an overdose. He was given Narcan and it resuscitated him. His physician is now being investigated.

    So now we have Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Winehouse, Anna Nicole Smith, Whitney Houston, Health Ledger, Kurt Cobain and the list goes on and on.

    What on earth are these so called, “doctors” thinking to be prescribing heavy duty narcotics to people? Why would you prescribe Fentanyl to someone?  It’s predominantly used to during anesthesia, because it’s ten times stronger than morphine, but it’s necessary to have respiratory support, by a trained professional for patients who are given these types of drugs.

    Michael Jackson had an IV started every night with what he called his “milk.”  Only this milk wasn’t the kind that “does a body good.”  Instead it killed him. Why? Because if you’re going to be on this type of medication then you need breathing support. How can you possibly think that propofol is okay to give to someone outside a hospital setting, when the whole objective for administering this drug is to render a person unconscious?

    How many more celebrities need to die before addiction is recognized as a real disease and not something that we shun, or throw people in jail for crimes that are related to the fact that they are addicted.

    I loved Prince and his music was amazing. He was an unbelievably talented artist.  But I work with people who suffer from addiction every day and it’s time we put more money into fixing this epidemic that has taking over our world in epic proportions. We cannot sit back an ignore this disease anymore. It’s stealing away our families and friends, while we turn a blind eye to people who are crying out for help.

    Addiction knows no boundaries; color, creed, social or economic level, it can and is killing people everyday all across the world. Pills now kill more people than guns and car crashes. That’s the sad reality.

    We need to educate people better on the dangers of drug addiction. People still believe that if they get a legal prescription from their physician then that’s much safer than illegal Heroin. The truth it it’s not. Patients have a false sense of security when then have a bottle of pain pills that has been legally prescribed for them.  It’s just as easy to overdose from hydrocodone as it is from Heroin. Take to much of any narcotic and it will kill you.

    People who suffered from mental illness a 100 years ago used to be treated like criminals. They were locked up in sanitariums and subjected to horrific, experimental “therapies” like lobotomies and electric shock therapy, (without sedation). We look back on these treatments today and feel sad because we treated these patients so badly.

    Addiction treatment has a long way to go and one day we will look back on the way we treated people who suffered from addiction and cringe.  Our jails are full of people who committed crimes because of addiction and there is often no rehabilitation offered to these patients.

    Our society needs to be prosecuting more of the drug cartels and treating addicts with rehabilitation, not jail time. Many of them do time in jail and they never learn why they have the disease and how to avoid relapsing. When they’re released they go back to what they know and this becomes a vicious cycle.

    They need to throw the book at the doctor that prescribed this Fentanyl to prince and maybe others will learn from his mistake.

    What are others thoughts on this problem? How do we solve this?



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    Osmosis Jones
    Osmosis Jones

    It’s tragic and I agree that we need to spend more money on developing treatment and medications that work for this disease. In the scale of things we really know very little about addiction and that’s why it have developed into a huge problem for our society.

    No one wants to be an addict. People believe that it can’t and won’t happen to them, but unfortunately it can happen to anyone and we are all at risk.

    RIP Prince

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    Camaro Lover
    Camaro Lover

    It’s a devastating disease. I also think that alcohol can’t be ignored either. It’s the most addictive substance on the planet and it’s legal, yet marijuana, a drug that actually has medicinal purposes is not. The world’s gone crazy and nothing makes sense anymore. Lawmakers have run amuck and no one is doing anything about it.

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    Karen Eakin

    Prince, like Elvis Presley, was his own worst enemy. They both had money and power. If an employee refused to procure drugs for them, their job would probably not last long. It’s very sad that the intervention on Prince couldn’t have been more quickly arranged. maybe he wouldn’t have died. it’s still not real to me that he’s dead!

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    APN Janie
    APN Janie

    Prince was an addict and he was a closet addict. No one knew he used drugs and most people said he was a teetotaler so it’s no surprise just like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley he died the same way.

    Such a waste of great talent.

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