Welcome to Nurseboards.com, the only website that offers nursing groups by specialty, forums, private messaging, chat and much more.  Here we are going to address the common questions about the site. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, feel free to contact us here

  • What is Nurseboards.com? Nurseboards.com is a nursing community that is the only one of its kind. Here nurses can enjoy groups discussions in their chosen specialty. We also offer forums discussions by specialty, private messaging, status updates and nursing articles
  • Do you accept guest posts?  We welcome all guest posting as long as it nursing related and good quality. If you want to write for us please contact us here 
  • How do I contact you?  You can contact us here. We usually respond within the hour during business hours
  • How do I use this site? This site is for nurses to communicate with other nurses and participate in discussions.  It’s a community of nurses just like Facebook nurse style. You can post questions and replies in the forums and add status updates in the groups to interact with other nurses
  • I’m a nursing student, can I still use this site? Sure, there is a group just for nursing students
  • How do I join a group?  To view all our groups just click on the group icon on the home page and you’ll see all the groups we offer. Once you find your group just click on the join icon and you’ll be a member of the group. If you want to receive notifications on one of the forum threads within the group, just subscribe to each thread and you’ll be notified of the replies and comments on each thread.
  • i see you have a petition for nurses here, what does that mean?  Not only are we patient advocates, we are also nurse advocates. We ask all nurses to sign the petition for nurses who are facing disciplinary action by the board of nursing in their state. You can sign the petition here
  • I want to donate to the petition cause. How do I do that? We accept even the smallest of donations for the cause.  The funds are used to help with expenses for petitioning the state legislators.  To donate just click on this link and fill out the donation form. Here is the link for donations
  • I have a problem with signing in and/or registering, what do I do? If you are having difficulties signing in or registering, please contact us here and tell us what kind of problem you’re having and we will work to remedy it promptly
  • I have a question that isn’t listed here, what do I do? You can contact us here for any questions you may have


This website was created to unite nurses and allow them to build communities within their specialties. We want to see you have fun, learn and network with other nurses. If you have any suggestions on how to make the website better, just shoot us an email,, We value all opinions and will continue working to make this website the best community for nurses online.