New Law Requires Hospitals to Inform Medicare Patients of Extra Costs

            A  new Medicare law was passed on Saturday that forces hospitals to notify Medicare patients that they will be responsible for considerable medical bills due to Medicare’s refusal to reimburse for patients who are placed on “Observation.” If a patient isn’t admitted to the hospital Medicare won’t pay, leaving […]

New law forces hospitals to inform patients

Nurse Retires After 72 Years in the Profession

            Think you’ve been in nursing a long time?  nurse Alice Grabber is 93-years-old and  recently retired after working in the nursing profession for 72 years. She worked at the Salem Mennonite Home in Freeman in southeast South Dakota and is now volunteering there to help with patient’s meals. Not […]

Nurse retires after 72 years

Lessons From The Terminally ill

Nursing is a great career and it’s the profession I was born to do.  In my thirty years in this profession, I’ve worked in the emergency room, case management, and palliative care nursing. The latter is where I found my passion; what I was born to do I know it may seem a bit peculiar so […]

Lessons from the terminally ill

If Every Nurse Could Have Three Wishes

“If nurses could have three wishes, what would they wish for?” Now when I say this, I’m not talking about your personal life; of course, we’d all wish for health and long lives for all our family members, well, with the exception of the annoying, alcoholic distant relative that we all wish would just fall […]

If a Nurse Could Have Three WIshes

Most Comfortable Nursing Scrubs

Nurses love their scrubs. Some of us even sleep in them, (present company included), They’re soft and comfortable and come in all kinds of cool colors. There are tons of different fabrics these days and various designs that can make choosing the right pair for you a bit of a challenge. While cheap scrubs may […]

Nurses-The Forgotten Heroes

                  Nurses are the forgotten heroes of today’s society, Everywhere we turn today we are faced with the lack of moral standards and great role models in our society. It’s human nature to emulate positive leaders in our communities. It’s immensely saddening that our youths admire the […]

Nurses-the forgotten heroes

22 Things I’ve Learned In Nursing

1. If they’re 90, let them eat french fries. I wouldn’t want someone telling me I couldn’t eat junk food when I’m 90. Let them have the salt even with their high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. It’s called quality of life! 2. Nursing isn’t for people who want to complain, whine or have […]

med surg nurses are nasty

A Death Denying Society-Let Patients Die!

America is in denial, denial about death. I’m an ICU nurse, and I’ve seen a lot of death. . People die every day in ICUs all over the world, but as a society we want to save everyone, regardless of the cost or the age of the patient. I’m frequently saddened that we put quantity […]

Death denying society

What is this? Cafeteria Food…Just Ew!

Most nurses have tried their hospital cafeteria food at least once, even if it was for the sake of advising patient’s families what they should (and should not) try.  Now I will say the cafeteria food has certainly come a long way, but gawd, it has a long way to go, (well at least at […]

Cafeteria food

Yes, Nurses Have a Sick Sense of Humor

I have a sick sense of humor!  There, I said it.  I’m an ICU nurse and have been for as long as I can remember.  My pre-nurse past is a distant memory. But a couple of weeks ago I had a family member of a patient who was circling the drain, ask me why  nurses […]

Don't judge a nurses's sick sense of humor

What It’s Really Like To Be Married To A Nurse

My wife is a nurse and has been for 20 years. I’ve read so many things about what it’s like to be a nurse, that I thought it was time to let people know the other side of the coin; what it’s like to be the spouse of a nurse.  There are many assumptions floating […]

what it's really like to be married to a nurse

Most Lucrative States To Work As A Nurse

There is great news for anyone who is an RN or contemplating becoming one. One of the fastest growing professions in the United States is that of a registered nurse, and this trend is unlikely to change in the next few years. In fact, with nursing shortages increasing the need for qualified nurses is increasing. […]

9 Signs Your Mom’s a Nurse

  My Mom is a nurse.  She became a nurse when I was four, so I really have no clue what it’s like to be the daughter of a non-nurse Mom.  I’m 23 now and in college for…yep, you guessed it, nursing! Call me crazy and you’d probably be right.  But as a kid I […]

9 Signs your mom is a nurse

Confessions of Rusty the IV Pole

Hello, my name is Rusty, and I’m an I.V pole. When I was young I use to love to work, but I’ve been around a while now, and I’ve learned how to irritate the nurses around here so I can retire early. I still work part-time teaching other I.V poles how to be just as […]

COnfessions of rusty the IV pol

Ten Things You Wished You’d Known BEFORE You Went To Nursing School

I’ve been a nurse for 22 years now and I love what I do.  But nursing can be pretty challenging at times and sometimes I wish I would have known a few things about nursing BEFORE I went to nursing school. Here are a few of the things I would have liked to have known: […]

ten things you wish you'd known before you went to nursing school

Ten Things You Never Knew About Nurses

Nurses are pretty serious about their patients and how we care for them. Many nurses look almost “superhuman” when you watch them work and a lot of the things you see them do you may not understand. But you trust your nurse to make you better and do the right things to help you get […]

Ten things you never knew about nurses

You’re Experiencing Burnout If….

If you’re a nurse or even a nursing student, you certainly know the meaning of stress.  Nursing is one of the most stressful careers and most of it is not because of our patients. The ridiculous amount of paperwork nurses are responsible for, the red tape that’s involved in our every day work and the […]

Are you suffering from nurse burnout

Top Five Tips For Dealing With stress

If you have dedicated your life to helping patients, or you are in school studying up on how to break into the profession, you likely are short on time. You’re also likely well-acquainted with stress.   Here are my top five tips for how to deal with stress that should help you out a lot: […]

top five ways to deal with stress

Are You Only A Nurse? Here Are Some Things Only A Nurse Can Do

Nurses do so much more than what the general population understands and that’s okay. Hopefully you didn’t join the nursing profession to get a pat on the back. If you did then you’re in for a rude awakening.  Most nurses don’t do this job because they want praise and thanks. They do it for the […]

Things only a nurse can do

Does A Nurse Have The Right To Refuse Care Of A Patient? Here’s The Answer

This is a question that arises more often than you would think. Nurses want to know if they can legally refuse to treat a patient, but are unsure of the rules and regulations regarding this issue. State laws and regulations stipulate that nurses are ethically and morally bound to treat and care for every patient, […]

Does a nurse have the right to refuse care of a patient

Nurses Make the Big Bucks, Right?

Maybe I’m the only one that feels this way but sometimes when I tell people I’m a nurse, the next thing out of their mouth is “Wow, you must be loaded.”  I find this a tad irritating, and I’m wondering if I’m alone in my irritation, or do other nurses feel this way? The thing […]

Nurses make the big bucks, right?

Lazy Nurses-How Do You Deal With Them?

We all have times when we are not feeling the point of exchanging our time for the almighty dollar. But most of us snap out of these feelings relatively quickly and realize that we have a job to do, and it’s unfair to expect others to pull our weight. Unfortunately, I did say “most” of […]

Lazy Nurse

Addicted Nurses-Where Do You Turn?

Healthcare workers addicted to prescription drugs is an ongoing issue in the U.S and worldwide. More than 100,000 doctors, nurses, medical technicians and health care aides are abusing or dependent on prescription drugs in any given year in the U.S alone. Nurses are especially susceptible to drug addiction because of the availability of narcotics and […]

Addicted nurses where do you turn

Are Nurses Traumatized By Their Patients?

Most nurses have pretty stressful jobs.  Some nurses deal with trauma every day and it’s our jobs to help people get well, or at least keep them comfortable. It is ingrained in us that we must stay strong and mentally suppress any feelings and emotions that we feel  while caring for our patients.  Some of us are […]

Are nurses traumatized by their patients?

Nurse Charged With Diversion of Narcotics- Is This Fair?

A  nurse from a Women’s Surgery Center in La Jolla, California recently pled guilty to the diversion of the pain medication Demerol, for her personal use. She was removing the medication from the locked cabinet and aspirating the contents. She would then inject normal saline back into the vial, glue the cap back onto the […]

Female Viagra-Is This Really A Good Idea?

The FDA has approved the first drug to treat sexual dysfunction in women. Flibanserin also called the “female Viagra”  is a drug for premenopausal women who have low sexual desire. The drug is manufactured by Sprout Pharmaceuticals and the brand name is Addyi. It has been given the go-ahead by the Federal Drug Administration for […]

How Do You Live to be 100

Do you want to live a century?  Well the answer may just be in the food you eat.  Okinawans live longer than any other population. I have always been interested in living a long time, isn’t everyone?  I have studied the lifestyle of the Okinawan Islands for a few years now, trying to learn their secrets […]

Living to be 100

The Un-Labored Nurse

The Un-Labor Nurse”It doesn’t matter how she has the baby, everyone’s happy with a new baby in the end”.As a labor and delivery nurse I had heard this and similar statements made by obstetricians many times over the years. Especially when a “failure to progress” by dinnertime cesarean section was performed. I was trained in […]

un labored nurse

What Inspired The Shape of a Heart

The heart shape was around long before it was associated with the human heart.  It can actually be found in artwork dating all the way back to the 13th century.  Playing cards have had the image of the heart since the 15th century. For many years people have speculated about what inspired the heart’s shape. […]

Interesting Facts About American Nurses

n the U.S alone there are currently 2,600,000 registered nurses. The average number of patients each nurse will see per day is 6.7. 8,102, 563 is the average number of people cared for by nurses each day in America. Most nurses work three shifts a week. Nurses walk an average of four miles every day. […]

How To get Along With Nurse Ratched During clinicals

You’ve done all your homework. You’ve researched your clinical assignment and feel very prepared.  You have all your supplies and you’re in uniform, with freshly polished shoes.  You just know everything will go well today, until you are introduced to “Nurse Ratched” How will you deal with her?  What will you do? Well, you’re going […]

dealing with nurse ratched during clinicals

7 Things You Can Do To Be A Healthier Nurse

7 Things you can do to be a Healthier Nurse  As a nurse and our patient’s advocates we sometimes forget about ourselves. Many of us have families and children and don’t have much time to take care of ourselves.  The important thing to remember is that we need to take time for healthy habits and […]

Ten Great Reasons to Become a Nurse

Great Income.  Nurses are not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but their income can ensure them a comfortable life. The ability to continue your education.  You can start out as an Licensed Practical Nurse and then continue on to become a Registered Nurse, with either a two year associates degree,  or a four […]

ten great reasons to become a nurse

Ten Things Only Nurses Understand

Nursing is a language of its own. With its superstitions and nursing terminology, there are just some things that only nurses understand.  Although I’m sure other professions have their things that are unique to them.  Here are some of the things that only nurses get: 1.  The amazing feeling you get when you find a […]

tn things only nurses understand

Tips For Lowering a Fever Without Medication

A common misconception about fevers is that they should all be reduced. A fever is the bodies’ mechanism for fighting an invasion or infection. When the body senses that there is an infection, it triggers a chain of events to fight the invasion. By raising the temperature at which the infection is thriving, it often […]

Tips to lower a fever

Why Are Nurses Special?

What makes nurses special? Today I was speaking with a patient’s family member about discharge instructions for her mother. During the discussion she mentioned that her daughter wanted to be a nurse, but she was discouraging her from applying for nursing school because she felt that nurses have a false sense of entitlement, and she […]

Becoming a Plastic Surgery Nurse

People who go into nursing say that it is a very rewarding career and they are glad that they chose this as their career. If you have thought about going into nursing, it is probably because you want to help people and are kind and caring. As many of you may know, there are many […]

What Does a Nurse Do in an Operating Room?

The role of the operating room nurse is extremely important. They are the captain of the ship or operating room in this case. I am going to explain their role as a day in the life of an operating room nurses. Hopefully this help you understand and may entice you to explore this as a […]

Petition For The Fair Treatment of Nurses

[emailpetition id=”1″] If you wish to donate to this cause you may do so here:  All funds will be used for expenses related to the petitions of state legislators in each state [seamless-donations]

What is Sepsis?

What is Sepsis? Sepsis is the leading cause of death in non-coronary intensive care units (ICUs). The mortality rate is estimated to be between 28 to 50%. Sepsis, however, does not refer to a specific bacteria, but rather to the body’s immune response to an overwhelming infection. Infections, at any point on the body, can […]

Suture Needles

Suture needles are used for suturing wounds after an accident or surgery. They generally come as a single piece and have the suture material attached to the swaged base of the needle. When grasping a suture needle it should be done about 2/3 of the way back from the point using a needle holder. Gripping […]

suture needles

Looking into Infiltration and Extravasation

Infiltration and Extravasation are two IV complications that can be difficult to immediately detect and can lead to adverse patient outcomes. Extravasation is best defined as the accidental administration of a vesicant fluid or solution into the surrounding tissue. Infiltration is defined as the accidental administration of a non-vesicant fluid or medication into the surrounding […]

The Truth About Why Nurses Work Sick!

Nurses are licensed professionals and with that comes many responsibilities to care for patients. We make life and death decisions about the health of our patients every single day. We are the ones that assess patients regularly and make the proper critical decisions to ensure that patient outcomes are positive.  Other healthcare professionals rely on […]

Alphabet Soup – CE, CEU, and CNE

One of the most common questions about online education for nurses is about the difference between CE, CEU, and CNE. This is a source of confusion for both new nurses and experienced professionals and the goal here is to clear this up once and for all. Many people attempt to use the terms interchangeably. Although […]