How to Rock Travel Nursing


If you are a traveling nurse you already have it so awesome. Making good use of the time you have in other states is imperative. You don’t want to be old and gray one day and be wishing that you’d gone here, done this…etc.

There’s no better way to enjoy your time as a travel nurse than to actually go out and explore a little, (or a lot).  Make the most of every travel assignment. We have come up with some ideas that may help you make the most of your time as a travel nurse and not take it for granted, regretting it later.

It’s very important to stay in touch with your family and friends back home when you are on your assignments. Make a point to call home and check in to make sure everything is okay. This will serve several purposes: It will assure them that you care and it will help you feel supported and give you peace of mind knowing the people you love and care about are okay.

Take advantage of your social media accounts to help you stay in touch.  Facetime, Facebook, and Skype are all great ways to contact the folks you want to talk to.

Step outside the box and try different things. You never know, you may even discover a new hobby or something you are really fantastic at.

Take pictures of EVERYTHING. Your time as a travel nurse won’t last forever, so take all the pictures and keep all the souvenirs you can. One day you can look back and show your grandkids all the cool and exciting things you’ve done in your life.

If you’re traveling by yourself don’t be afraid to try the local cuisine. It’s okay to eat out on your own….it really is.

Always try the foods that the locals tell you to eat. They know. If you’re in Texas eat the steaks and try the BBQ (although, I’m not a huge fan of their BBQ because it’s a dry rub.) But hey, you may love it.  If you’re in the south then try the southern ice tea and the biscuits and gravy.

Go to all the touristy places. This is a must. All cities have things that are interesting to see. Find out what they are and go see them ..If you’re in Arizona, don’t leave without seeing the Grand Canyon.  When I was in New Hampshire I went on a  moose safari. Fun stuff and things you’ll never forget.

Life is short. Go. See. Do.

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