Nurse Caught Beating Four-Month-Old Baby

Nurse who beats baby

A nurse is caught on video beating a four-month-old child repeatedly with a clenched fist in an effort to stop her from crying. Nurse Emiliya Kovacheva is now charged with attempted murder. We warn you that this video is extremely graphic.






Kovacheva was placed under arrest and the baby suffered grievous bodily harm. Baby Nicole is being kept under strict observation.

After an investigation revealed that Kovacheva had worked for twenty-four hours when the incident occurred. The video captured the nurse gently touching other babies, but she began hitting Nicole with her fist and a glass bottle. She is also seen haphazardly throwing the baby around.

With nurses working so many hours this is becoming a serious issue. While not all nurses would stoop this low to quiet a crying child, one case of this is too much.

This nurse is facing attempted murder charges and may face additional charges as the case plays out. The extent of the damage that baby Nicole endured is unknown at this time.
It’s unbelievable that a nurse can lose control to this extent. It is unclear if the baby will ever recover.

There isn’t enough being done to investigate why nurses become so stressed that they resort to this type of abuse of patients. While abuse of patients is never okay, it seems so much worse when it’s a helpless, tiny infant.

Is it that they are overworked and stressed with high patient to nurse ratios? Or is it that certain people are just not cut out to care for others.
One thing is certain: the more nurses are stressed, the more of these types of incidences occur. It’s a very sad and potentially deadly reality.

What was involved in this situation that contributed to the nurse’s meltdown?

What actually happened prior to this assault?
A nurse who engages in this type of behavior should not be in nursing and that goes without saying. But there are times when nurses assault patients and get a mere slap on the hands. How do we identify nurses who have the potential to snap?

We cannot afford to chance the nurse losing control again. So all of these incidents need to be reported, even if it involves reporting your favorite coworker. You could be in legal hot-water if you choose to overlook another nurse’s violent behavior.


Now, this degree of assault it very severe, but for nurses who are having difficulty dealing with stress we should be more open to discussing the elephant in the room and mental health assistance should be available for any nurse, day or night.
Once you cross the bridge into the dangerous world of becoming a patient’s assailant rather than their advocate and caregiver, there can be no going back.

As nurses, we need to understand the signs and symptoms of a nurse that is becoming to escalated and out of control. If they are raising their voice, seem agitated at patients, make derogatory comments about patients or display any kind of angry behavior, it’s time to step in and help that nurse before they do something potentially life changing for the patient and themselves. This simply can’t be overlooked.
Anger management should be nursing 101. Instructors should start early in their attempt to identify nursing students who are extremely stressed and have poor coping skills.

If you ever feel like you are going to hurt a patient, or do something that you’ll regret, then walk away. Get away from the situation, even if you have to ask another nurse, or your charge nurse to watch your patients.

Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re struggling with stress. We’re all human and we make mistakes, but we can’t afford to make mistakes that harm others.

Life is precious regardless of the age of the patient and it’s vitally important that we learn how to walk away when we feel our emotions taking  control of our actions.
What else can we do to avoid these types of scenarios?

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  1. Camaro Lover

    This is revolting. I can’t believe this. Why would anyone ever want to hurt a tiny innocent baby like this.? This made me cry. It’s horrific.
    There is something badly wrong with anyone who can hurt a child. Good luck in jail girl, you’re gonna need it! Even in there that type of behavior isn’t tolerated.

  2. I do think much more needs to be done to accommodate the needs of nurses who are overworked. We are expected to be inhuman, but we are people with emotions just like everyone else. If I worked 24 hours I think I’d be ready to smack someone too LOL. No, I have a lot of control. But there are nurses who are not as strong emotionally and we shouldn’t be forced to work such long hours.
    This is so very sad. I hope this little one will be okay.

  3. Workin Nurse

    Just a horrible thing to happen to a poor little baby. How cruel. Why couldn’t she have just walked away? I agree that nurses need more education on how to reel in our stress and we do need to learn to walk away. It should be addressed in nursing school and this education to be continued in the workplace. There should be stress and anger management classes and we should adopt an open friendly environment where nurses who are stressed feel comfortable enough to discuss these matters without being shunned for coming forward and asking for help, Tragic!

  4. People like this are always gonna slip through the cracks. How can we ever know when someone will snap with way? She’s a monster and I hope they lock her up and throw away the key. She doesn’t even deserve freedom after that, never mind a nursing license. This made me sick to watch. It really is nauseating, that there are people in this world that do this type of thing. I pray that that poor little angel is going to be alright. Bless her and her parents! Most nurses wouldn’t dream of doing such a horrifying thing to a tiny infant or any of our patients

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