Most Comfortable Nursing Scrubs

Nurses love their scrubs. Some of us even sleep in them, (present company included), They’re soft and comfortable and come in all kinds of cool colors. There are tons of different fabrics these days and various designs that can make choosing the right pair for you a bit of a challenge. While cheap scrubs may sound appealing, they may not always be the best choice, although you don’t have to break the bank to get comfortable scrubs for a great price.

We have received several emails asking us which scrubs are the best scrubs for nurses. In this review, we’ll talk about the details that you should consider before purchasing scrubs, best selling scrubs and the most comfortable. Since most nurses spend half of their life in scrubs, you may as well wear comfortable scrubs that flatter your figure.

There are quite a few things to consider before you run out and purchase scrubs, and I wish I’d taken the time to research them before I bought my first pair. You need scrubs that move with you and don’t develop a mind of their own when you bend down to pick up something on the floor or lean over a patient to help them.

The color matters-Before you buy scrubs be sure and check with your employer to ascertain whether there is a particular color they require or prefer. Some employers even go as far as requiring a certain brand or style, so make sure you get this information from them before you waste a bunch of money on scrubs you can’t wear.

You need pockets-Usually the more, the better. Most nurses use pockets a lot. For everything from pen-lights, alcohol pads, scissors, gum, pocket change, flushes…and the list goes on. In addition to the pockets in the pants of the scrubs, make sure you have some pockets in the top.

Quality counts– The old saying “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true for nursing scrubs. When I first became a nurse I purchased several cheap pairs, only to find that the seams ripped open on a couple of them; they shrank, and they had lint all over them within a couple of washes, (even though I washed them separately). With the money I spent on five pairs that lasted about two months, I could have purchased a couple of pairs of high-quality ones that would have last much longer.
Soft Scrubs-Scrubs come in all types of different fabric from 100% cotton, cotton and polyester blend, and lots of other blends. Choose soft scrubs because you need to comfort. Scrubs that don’t feel that soft when you put them on will feel like cardboard when you’ve been wearing them an entire shift. The most comfortable scrubs I’ve ever worn are Anatomy

Buy scrubs that fit you- I know this seems pretty elementary. But some nurses still haven’t gotten that memo. I don’t want to see someone’s belly when they raise their arm, nor do I want to see their hind-end when they bend over, so please make sure you purchase the correct size. While we’re on this subject, I am almost six-feet tall, so one of the problems I’ve run into is scrubs that are too short. I now make it a point to buy scrubs that are specifically for tall women, (yes, they have them). This is not only important for the pants, but the tops come in sizes for tall people too. If you’re tall, then it’s a treat to wear scrubs that are actually made for the “lerches” of the world.

Buy plenty– I hate laundry, and if you’re like me you are better off buying several pairs of scrubs, so you only have to wash them once a week or even less. Make sure you buy enough to cover all your shifts for that week, and you won’t be forced to re-wash scrubs that get dirty before the end of the work-week. Us the color-safe bleach when you wash them, so you kill all the germs, but don’t fade the color. You can also buy fade resistant scrubs that resist fading and will hold up in the washer.
Style Rocks- Nurses are very familiar with being practical, but you can have your cake and eat it with scrubs. You can find scrubs that have all the practical things scrubs offer and are still very stylish.

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