Nurses-The Forgotten Heroes

Nurses-the forgotten heroes










Nurses are the forgotten heroes of today’s society, Everywhere we turn today we are faced with the lack of moral standards and great role models in our society. It’s human nature to emulate positive leaders in our communities. It’s immensely saddening that our youths admire the Kardashians and the Paris Hiltons of the world, whose ridiculous shenanigans would turn our forefathers over in their graves.

In society, we commonly believe that we lack great role models to follow. Yet we applaud and worship celebrities and politicians while the real heroes are our servicemen and women who fight for our country and the nurses and doctors who care for them.

I recently watched a WW2 movie and in it, there was a scene where 6 American soldiers took on an army of 200 or more Germans who had massive amounts of ammunition and weaponry. Only one of the Americans survived, and it was because he hid underneath a tank. When the next group of Americans came through the area, they rescued him and called him a “hero.” But he didn’t feel like a hero because all of his comrades were slaughtered and he was lucky to be alive. These are the real heroes. People who put your life before their own to fight for your freedom. Somewhere along the line we’ve gotten off track with what is paramount in this world.

Nurses should be praised for the amazing, dedicated work they do. Every day they work short-staffed. They endure abuse from physicians on nasty ego trips.

They are the thread that binds the healthcare system together and saves you from physicians who write nightmarish orders that could kill you.

They have more back injuries than any other profession because they lift 400lb patients without assistance.

Their job is thankless. They deal with the Momma from hell, who believes she knows what’s best for her addict daughter (who’s on her third overdose) because she read about it last night on WebMD.

They bring family members their 16th cup of Joe, then handle a full code, three discharges, and a spiral fracture, all before you wake up in the morning.

They think on their feet to save your butt. Speaking of butts, they clean a lot of them. Not because they want to, but because they care. They smell odors that you don’t even know exist and couldn’t even imagine in your wildest nightmares.

Patients are frequently ungrateful, violent, cantankerous and uncooperative, and that’s putting it politely. Families and patients often dump more than enough crap on nurses and expect them to take it with a smile.

So, if you feel nurses “pat themselves” on the back a little too much, or we are excessively glorified then I say, “you’re darn right!.” We are frequently vomited on, cursed at, thumped and screamed at, and we deserve the right to be praised for a job well done, and the odd pat on the back gets us through the next catastrophic day and epic proportion code brown. If you have no clue what a code brown is, then trust me, you’re better off not knowing.

All nurses go to heaven, and we aren’t even stopped at the Pearly Gates. Nope, St. Peter hurries us in after we flash our badges. Because it’s people like us who are the true heroes in this world and if you’re a nurse, don’t you forget it.
Only the best survive in this field. It’s a stressful environment. Unless you’ve consoled a Mother and Father who just lost their 16-year-old kid in an accident, or harvested the organs of a 20-year-old kid who felt that life was too bad to live another day, when he broke up with his girlfriend; you don’t have the right to judge nurses and should be ashamed of yourself for worshipping celebrities cause they just started a new designer purse line. Where are your priorities folks?

To be a nurse is to love others more than you do you do yourself and to care for them as you would your own family. The empathetic nature of a nurse is ultimately heroic.

So next time you meet a nurse, thank them for their hard work. Work that most people wouldn’t be willing to do if it paid a million dollars an hour. Nurses are the forgotten and ignored heroes of our society. I commend all nurses for the fabulous and amazing people they are. Because it’s not who you are that matters in this world, it’s what you do!

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