Interesting Facts About American Nurses

n the U.S alone there are currently 2,600,000 registered nurses.

The average number of patients each nurse will see per day is 6.7.

8,102, 563 is the average number of people cared for by nurses each day in America.

Most nurses work three shifts a week.

Nurses walk an average of four miles every day.

During an average working day, American nurses walk an average of 4,697,144 miles, when combined.

That’s like walking across the U.S 1,753 times!

Every day nursing give 82,985 units of blood.

11,110 babies are born in America every day…That’s a lot of diapers and formula

Of the 2.6 million American nurses:

13.9 percent have a diploma in nursing.

36.1 percent have an Associate’s degree.

36.8 percent have a Bachelor’s degree.

13.2 percent have a Master’s/Doctorate degree.

In terms of job growth, nursing is the top occupation.

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