Petition For The Fair Treatment of Nurses


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If you wish to donate to this cause you may do so here:  All funds will be used for expenses related to the petitions of state legislators in each state


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  1. Nutty Professor

    It’s about time someone did something about the crappy way that nurses are treated by the board of nursing. It’s awful and a gross abuse of power and authority. They ruin nurses’ lives and they’re allowed to get away with it. I gladly signed this and wish you the best of luck fighting this injustice. We need more people like you in this world.

  2. The BRN sets you up for failure with their probation…I had a job that was willing to work with me in November. Jumped through every hoop, waited for a month and a half, even had a job waiting for me doing care plans and checking documentation (with NO patient contact), while the nurse consultant debated on whether to allow me to work for them. To this day i still haven’t heard whether it is approved…my probation monitor still says she hasn’t heard from the nurse consultant! Meanwhile the company that was going to hire me said the BRN told them i had to have constant monitoring…someone had to be with me at all times! WTH is with that??? No patient contact by=ut a nurse has to watch me at a computer doing care plans & checking documentation??? They make it impossible to get a job but it is a requirement to get off probation…

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