Petition For The Fair Treatment of Nurses

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What is Sepsis?

What is Sepsis? Sepsis is the leading cause of death in non-coronary intensive care units (ICUs). The mortality rate is estimated to be between 28 to 50%. Sepsis, however, does not refer to a specific bacteria, but rather to the body’s immune response to an overwhelming infection. Infections, at any point on the body, can […]

Suture Needles

Suture needles are used for suturing wounds after an accident or surgery. They generally come as a single piece and have the suture material attached to the swaged base of the needle. When grasping a suture needle it should be done about 2/3 of the way back from the point using a needle holder. Gripping […]

suture needles

Looking into Infiltration and Extravasation

Infiltration and Extravasation are two IV complications that can be difficult to immediately detect and can lead to adverse patient outcomes. Extravasation is best defined as the accidental administration of a vesicant fluid or solution into the surrounding tissue. Infiltration is defined as the accidental administration of a non-vesicant fluid or medication into the surrounding […]

The Truth About Why Nurses Work Sick!

Nurses are licensed professionals and with that comes many responsibilities to care for patients. We make life and death decisions about the health of our patients every single day. We are the ones that assess patients regularly and make the proper critical decisions to ensure that patient outcomes are positive.  Other healthcare professionals rely on […]

Alphabet Soup – CE, CEU, and CNE

One of the most common questions about online education for nurses is about the difference between CE, CEU, and CNE. This is a source of confusion for both new nurses and experienced professionals and the goal here is to clear this up once and for all. Many people attempt to use the terms interchangeably. Although […]

Nurses – Be Prepared for On The Job Challenges

Nurses that work like saviors, put in their heart and emotions to standby to their jobs and responsibilities to save lives and cure the infected without compromises or disinterest. Their patient-centric attitude and commitment to serve relentlessly often put them into situations and environment that are tiring, have risk of infections, exposure to hazards and […]

A Crucial Skill – Infusion Nursing

  Gaining access to a vein, venous access, is a critical skill necessary for basic patient care in both the hospital and ambulatory patient settings. There are several different forms of Venous Access Devices and today we will briefly examine each of the different devices and their uses or contraindications. Peripheral IV – These devices […]

infusion nursing

Brilliant Actions for Nursing Yourself During Your Work Day

  Another day taking care of sick people. You love your job but the stress of your day is encroaching on your health. Maybe you find yourself tired all the time no matter how much sleep you get. Or you are finding that those scrubs, normally loose, are now fitting tight around the middle. Does […]

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